​Peace after Piece custom organizing and downsizing in kitchener

What We Do

We work our way through kitchens, closets, bedrooms, home offices, craft rooms, attics, garages, and any other space you might need help with.


Together we will tackle the clutter, going through piece by piece, preparing a relaxing space to enjoy.  If preferred almost all of this process can be done by us alone.

"A clean space makes for a happy place." ​-- Melanie's Philosophy  

Let's Take Control

​In today's world many people feel they have less time than they need. 

 ​Let's take care of that.  By freeing ourselves of the many additional things that seem to accumulate in our lives, we gain space and clarity, and with that the freedom to relax and enjoy our homes.  Giving us back a sense of hope.

Helping with kindness, sincerity, and understanding.                

Organizing you, your family and your home.


Purposefully improving home life.

E​nding the stress of clutter and mess.


​(226) 606-5258